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Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Freelancer/Consultant

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what i can help you with

Data Analysis / Business Intelligence

I can help you with getting an overview of your data, enabling you to make data-driven business decisions.

Power BI Schulung

Data Gathering / Market Intelligence

I can help you with collecting additional data on competitors, clients and trends. This can lead to additional insights, a better database, and optimized business decisions.​

  • Web scraping of publicly available data
  • Leveraging the use of APIs
  • Social media data, geolocation data, etc.
  • Safely crawled data from over 500,000 websites
  • Greatly improved client acquisition and company expansion processes


Data Preparation, Reporting, and Customer Churn Analysis
Power BI | Azure | Python | R

Siemens Healthineers - Erlangen, DE
Oliver Lindenmayr,
Agile Analytics
"Matthias showed exceptional dedication to his assignments. He was very creative, flexible, and considerate. The quality and quantitiy of his work was beyond our expectations. Thanks for the great help–– we would gladly work with him again anytime!"
Creation of a Business Intelligence Dashboard
Power BI | Google Big Query

VividVision - San Francisco, USA
Manish Gupta,
CTO & Co-Founder
"Working with Matthias required no hand-holding; he takes initiative, works proactively, and communicates as needed, all with a great attitude. We were consistently pleased with the new insights he shared from our data and plan to keep him in reach for more projects!"
Implementation auf Customer Dashboards
Kibana | Elasticsearch | Python

Dafür GmbH - Darmstadt, DE
Ralf Hintner,
"Matthias supported us in the creation of user dashboards. With his assistance we managed to complete the project within a short time. He is really creative and has excellent communication, and with his knowledge he is able to provide solutions in all related aspects. He always finds a way. We‘ll continue to work with him in the next projects."
Developing a PII Detection Tool with API Integration
Python | Spacy | Flask

TonicAI - San Francisco, USA
Ian Coe,
"Matthias added a tremendous amount of value during the development of a PII (Personally Identifiable Information) detection tool with API integration. He did a great job and was very eager to explore and familiarize himself with new tools. Even with our 9-hour time difference, communication was smooth. We’re looking forward to working with him again in the future!"
Data-Mining Online Directories

Python | Scrapy

adzLocal - Hamburg, DE
Dietrich Wedegaertner,
Managing Director
"Matthias delivered the agreed upon results in time and of high quality. He was very responsive to my feedback and implemented changes swiftly. He leaves me a happy customer :)"
Implementation of a Reporting and Predictive Maintenance System
Tableau | MySQL | Excel | VBA

Bosch GmbH - Nuremberg, DE
Carolina Oertel,
Senior Manager Production
"Matthias did a great job! He was highly cooperative and finished his work in a quick, structured, and precise manner. He has a vast deal of knowledge about data, which was of great use for us. We are looking forward to working with him again!"

Latest Posts

How to get your vitamins in winter

How to get your Vitamins in Winter

My new Tableau dashboard! It's cold outside and, unfortunately, people are getting more and more sick. So, I asked myself: which vitamins/minerals should I be taking to avoid getting sick, and in which foods can I find them? After a little research and building my dataset of over 500 food-items, I decided to put this information into a little dashboard – this way, other people can also benefit from it!
- 13.01.2020


Article for t3n Magazine | Genauer Blick auf die CO2-Emissionen: Die verschiedenen Einflussfaktoren visualisiert

Viele verschiedene Faktoren tragen zum CO2-Fußabdruck eines jeden Einzelnen bei. Doch wie stehen wir in den Themen Transport, Stromverbrauch und Fleischkonsum eigentlich im Vergleich zu anderen Nationen da? Ein Beitrag in unserem Schwerpunkt Klima und Tech.
- 20.09.2019


Article for t3n Magazine | Klima-Status quo: Daten und Fakten zum aktuellen Zustand der CO2-Emissionen visualisiert

Die UN-Klimakonferenz steht bevor und das Thema Klimakrise ist in aller Munde. Doch oft wird darüber nicht objektiv und faktenbasiert diskutiert. Die richtigen Zahlen zu kennen kann dabei so einfach sein. Schwerpunkt Klima und Tech.
- 18.09.2019

Where are Germany flying

Where are Germans Flying?

Lately, I've been analyzing quite a bit of data regarding the flying behavior of us Germans. My last post focused on domestic flights and their environmental impact. This post will focus on our international flying...
- 06.08.2019

Domestic flights in Germany

Domestic Flights in Germany - Facts Overview

I’m sure, by now, everyone in Germany stumbled upon a discussion about the bad climate effects of flying and many people and politicians ask for a ban of domestic flights in Germany. I was...
- 31.07.2019

Online Marketing Activity in Germany

Online Marketing Activity in Germany

Currently, I’m working on a project for a customer which requires me to analyze many small businesses and their online marketing behavior. It’s a super interesting project and I wanted to share some of the...
- 17.06.2019

hackbay 2019

Hackbay 2019 - Winner of the HUK-Coburg Challenge

The last 2 days I attended Hackbay 2019, which is an exciting hackathon organized by Zollhof. But what exactly is a hackathon? In this case, big German companies (Siemens, Schaeffler, HUK Coburg, Nürnberger Versicherung, VAG)...
- 06.06.2019

Projects that I support

Giving back to society, and especially our environment, is very important to me. So I’m supporting projects, that I find are doing a great job in their fields of expertise. Check them out when you have time, they are definitely worth it!

By the way, if you are an NGO or a social enterprise, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m always interested in working on projects that create a positive impact.

plant for the planet


"The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation."

Trees planted
kg CO₂ absorbed

I’m sure everyone has heard of Greenpeace. They are running many worldwide campaigns with the goal to preserve our vast wildlife and beautiful nature.

Nabu has similar goals as Greenpeace (nature protection), but it is mainly a German organisation.


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